Bringing the SAMA 7-Steps Value Co-Creation Model to Life

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As SAMAs global technology partner, we have digitized SAMAs 7-step value
co-creation model into Arpedio’s existing customer engagement solution in


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“We use Arpedio’s suite of tools ourselves to give a common structure and
strategic lens to managing our most important customers,”
said Harvey Dunham,
SAMA’s Managing Director for Strategy. “It’s quick, it’s easy to use and it’s
powerful. It forces you to step back and say, ‘Where am I with this customer, and
what do I need to do to get to the next step?”


Our solution is designed for strategic and key account managers. The core value is
enabling a SAM to rapidly assess where they are in the customer journey with their
customer and making this status visible to their manager and anyone else who is
authorized to have access. Resulting in an efficient and pointed coaching
conversation between the SAM and their manager focused on how to reach the
next step with their strategic account.


“Strategic account management enablement is all about tools, training and
said SAMA President & CEO Denise Freier. “This tool uses as its
organizing principle SAMA intellectual property and best practices around value

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