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Arpedio has implemented the SAMA 7 step program into the account managemnet tool, Arpedio Sales, to make the program more accessible for all members of SAMA


The Strategic Account Management Association 

SAMA was founded more than 50 years ago to help expose B2B companies to tools, methods and processes that enable them to forge closer relationships with their most strategic customers and co-create new sources of sustainable, customer-driven growth. We help companies become essential to their most strategic customers through competency-based training, conferences in Europe and North America, publication of original research and customized services like benchmarking and peer-to-peer learning.



 is a sales-enablement company and full-stack consulting company operating globally in a dynamic, cross-functional and complex sales environment in a variety of industries. We have developed unique Salesforce AppExchange solutions for complex B2B sales and account management that make your company’s best practices available to all customer-facing employees. We specialize in sales excellence and digital transformations, which help our customers transform sales processes and best practices into digitalized, automated processes that increase alignment, transparency and efficiency.